Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

Are you the one who always get fascinated to hear about the word race? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We believe that racing is not a common thing for anyone who wants to do it in their daily life.

It’s the kind of skill, which usually looks good with a person who takes precautionary and performs it on the right track for a good purpose. Otherwise, it’s not a good thing to do in normal life. But wait, should you give up doing racing after hearing about its dangerous outcomes? In general, you shouldn’t. Because there are various ways, you can fulfil your desires and fascination with racing. You have the option of playing racing games, which also offers the same kind of experience.

In the past, you have to go outside to purchase a racing game CD to install on your computer. The installation process itself is a huge heck, which frustrates you more. But now, everything has become smooth for a racing game lover after the availability of Android Smartphones.

Now, you have a bunch of games available on the google Play store. Especially, there are lots of racing games for mobile that come with good quality and outstanding graphic features. So, you can enjoy seamless racing games anywhere you want to play.

We know that it’s hard for you to find the best racing games for android on the Play store. As there are tons of games available. So, you may end up installing lots of games without getting the right results. Therefore, we are here to tell you about the best racing games in the play store.

We have researched all the games and narrow down the list for you. All of the racing games mod apk available on our list will offer you the best experience of your life. So without any further delay, let’s start talking about the games in the below section.

Beach Buggy Blitz

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

If you are enthusiastic about racing on a beautiful island, then there is nothing better option than Beach Buggy Blitz. It’s the racing game type that brings all of the possible racing environment for you with its amazing views of beach islands.

You can customize the buggy as per your own needs and demands to start the race on the beach islands against other players. It’s a cute yet exciting game mode, which brings lots of happiness whenever you play it.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

The game comes with mesmerizing and beautiful graphics, preferably for mobile users. If talk about its realistic effects, so it also merged in the best way possible. The game will provide you with outstanding feelings when you play it for a longer time. It will unlock lots of content for you in the future.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

You have the option to customize the entire buggy by upgrading its body parts according to its performance. Moreover, you can also select the desired paint options for the buggy. The quad-core mobile users will have much better quality and better graphics in this game.

Asphalt 9 Legends – Epic Car Action Racing Game

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

If we talk about Asphalt 9, it’s one of the best and most popular car racing games on the google play store. In terms of quality and functions, no other game would compete with it in any way. The car racing love already played the 8th version and showed a positive response.

However, the 9th version comes up with more beautiful content, style, and customization options for the gamer. Whether it’s the graphics or smooth gameplay, you will love every aspect of this game. Apart from that, the nitro boost and neon-colour added to this version is another amazing treat for the player.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

The 9th version comes up with a new feature also known as touch drive. It’s a new control mechanism, which is dependent upon the steer swipes, so a person can experience the gameplay much easier as compared to the previous version. However, the tap-to-steer control is also available, which can bring you back to the old tilt.

The asphalt 9 also comes up with better car options to consider. You will get the best cars in this version along with a 360-degree turn option. It’s added for you to not lose the speed and earn the boost while cruising on the track.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

In general, discussing the game may not provide you with the best experience. However, you will get the right idea of this game quality by installing it on your mobile. It does require an internet connection based on joining the seasons.

The game is free to install on the play store. However, you may need to spend money on extra and advanced car gadgets based on your needs and desires.

Dirt Bike Unchained:

Dirt Bike Unchained is another racing game for android, which you can install on your mobile. It comes with lots of thrills and an amazing bike experience. The game comes with an advanced controlling system to improve the gaming experience.

You can play the game on nailing jumps or navigating your ways across the environment. Moreover, playing this game continuously and performing better will help you to unlock new gear, bikes, and other essential things.

Moreover, it comes with amazing features that can help you out to feel the real-life rider experiences.  

Gear Club True Racing

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

Gear club is another amazing racing game for android, which comes with outstanding visuals and graphics. The game tends to be addictive for the current users as per their reviews on the google play store just because of the outstanding locations and car racing reality it provides.

The car authenticity is no-doubt amazing as compared to any car racing game. The developers of this game have pointed out every minor thing to make this game a big success for the players. Whether it’s about the racing tracks or the surrounding, everything is crafted in a better and beautiful way.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

If we talk about the mobile requirement, it may need a good mobile with a handsome RAM and processor. Based on that, the player will never have to experience a seamless gameplay environment.

Apart from that, the game does offer you various championships, events, and modes. Therefore, the game is loaded with lots of interesting and addictive options. You may need to connect the mobile with the internet to access its multi-player and online game mode.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

Playing the game is a single-player mode may also fascinate you a lot. However, it’s fun and amazing to play the game with your friends or family member. The installation procedure for this game is fully free. So, you don’t have to spend any amount on this game to enjoy it.

Trails Frontier

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

Trails Frontier is another amazing racing games out there for android mobile users. Those of you who love to ride bikes can get seamless and worthy experiences while playing this game on your mobile.

The rating of this game is at the top along with more than 1 million positive reviews. It comes with more than 15 superstar and outstanding features of motorcycles, 50 hours of story gameplay, 250 beautiful graphics, and more than 260 challenges.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

Every single part of this game is worth to play and experience. Hence, you can jump or flip the bike just like the way you usually watch the professionals do on the tracks. Apart from that, the game also offers you to upgrade the bike and can compete with your friends.

It’s compulsory to play this game with others through a solid internet connection. However, you can also play this game without any internet connection. But, the features and addiction level of this game would be slightly lower for you.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

You don’t have to pay a single amount for the installation of this game. Hence, it’s a worthy bike racing game, which you can enjoy without spending a single penny.

Mario Kart Tour

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

No one would ever deny the fact that Mario has been one of the mesmerizing moments of their childhood time. It’s always a pleasure and good treat at a young age to enjoy the super Mario game on your old gaming platform.

However, Nintendo didn’t disappoint its addicted game lover and come up with a car racing mode of Mario. Yes, you can now play the car racing gaming in a Mario version. Moreover, the game does come up with traditional gameplay and outstanding controls.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

The game is produced based on the simple fact of getting the honour and winning the cup. It’s a full-fledged racing game where you have to race to come at the top of the board to collect the cup for yourself.

The game comes with classic yet outstanding tracks. Also, the tracks are redesigned and tweaked for the players to have an easier environment on the board. Moreover, you will get two laps in a single race, which will hold the short tracks for you. The game is designed for mobile users to have a short and friendly session.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

Besides that, every control works simply and nicely for you. You can launch weapons by swiping up and swiping them again to the dropdown. If we talk about the windy parts, so it’s quite tricky with its touch controls. Moreover, you can also launch the turtle shells on the other competitors to have the original Mario kart feeling.

Need for Speed No Limits

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

Need for speed is another racing game that is famous on the play store. It’s the same game that we use to play on our PC back in the old days. The starting version of this game was not as fascinating, but it was still worth it to play the game in the old times.

Need for speed was also the same game that lifts the entire perception of racing games. The outstanding graphics and functionality of this game have become a lifesaver for users desperately looking for a better racing game in their life.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

However, the good part is that it also comes up in a mobile version for car racing lovers. You can get lots of car options in need of speed no limit mobile version and outstanding car detailing and functions.

Moreover, the game also allows you to customize and upgrade the car based on the points or money you spend on it. If we talk about the controls, so it’s very simple for anyone to play. You only have to tap for accelerating, and put a brake.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

Need for speed is an old racing game; however, it still holds the legacy in the best way. The game is addictive because of the different race types. However, the tracks and laps are designed shortly to end up the race in a few minutes.

After winning the race, you will get the rewards on your account. So, getting these rewards helps you to customize or upgrade your car as per your needs and demands. Finally, the game is free to install, so you don’t have to pay for anything.

Riptide GP Renegade

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

Riptide GP is another amazing game that we found in our research for the android mobile racing game list. The best part about this game is the renegade feature, which provides you with the environment to even race on the water tracks.

Although it comes with various series, this one is outstanding. Why? Because of the enhanced fluid controls and the all-new amazing storylines. It let you race on the competitive racing area with its new tracks, underground racing circuit, hydro jets, and various other customization options.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

Apart from that, there’s also a police chase addition in this game. It makes the entire experience of playing this game more thrilling than ever. You can use your mind to escape from the police chase and safely reach the endpoint.

Things don’t end here, as the game also provides you with the 8-player multi-player model online. Moreover, the game can split into four mini-screens, where it’s easier to compare your racing skills with other gaming friends.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

The best thing that we loved about this game is the Riptide GP, which holds aggressively. All of the tracks, hydro jets, and death-defying stunts innovate a unique experience to show your identity in a better way. Also, it’s the same thing that makes the game super exciting as compared to other games available on the Google Play store.

Last but not least, the game must take around $3.00 to install. Moreover, you also need to speed some amount on its gadgets to get more outstanding experiences as per your needs.

CSR Racing 2 – Free Car Racing Game

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

CSR Racing 2 is another amazing car racing game that you should need to install on your mobile. It’s the best game ever for a person who is looking for an advanced technical approach other than just steering, boost, or auto-accelerate.

The seamless gear-shift mechanism and the stunning visuals make this game worth it for anyone who is a car racing lover. The game does come with outstanding customization options, which helps you to leave the opponents in the dust and make your car a gas-guzzling machine.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

It comes with all the possible car racing features along with various modes. The game offers you around 200 car variations, which consists of modern and classic cars such as Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and many more.

Its online mode is another amazing feature that lets you race with others. You can also get into an interesting racing experience by verbally exchanging your experiences with the competitor.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

Last but not least, the game is free to install. However, you have to spend money on gadgets or other upgrades to have a better gaming experience. Because spending the money will help you get the outstanding features for the car to have a more stable and competitive race.

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

How can we complete the list of top racing games for android without mentioning the most wanted version of Need for speed? It’s been a privilege for most of us to indulge the time on playing the best version of need for speed on our desktops.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

However, the wait is over for us as a mobile gaming lover. Because the Need for speed most wanted version is now available on the mobiles, it’s a classic version that offers no limits to anyone who wants to play the racing games on their mobile.

Top 10 best racing games mod apk for Android

Whether it’s about finding the race events or cars, you are easy to enjoy the gaming experience by roaming freely around the games. Although it’s a time-consuming game, once starting the game would never allow you to leave the game at any point.

The feature and graphics of this game absorb and entice you wholeheartedly to the superior gameplay of need for speed most wanted.

Racing itself is not a good thing for an ordinary person to do in real life. It’s a skill that looks good and safer for a person who performs it on the right track for a good purpose. However, the addiction and fascination of such things never end in days or months. You can’t give up thinking about the race in your life. But, it doesn’t mean that you should end up about its experiences.

There are lots of ways you could do racing without getting affected. One of the ways is playing it as a game on mobile. Yeah, you have heard the right thing from us. Now, you have lots of options to select from google play store to do car or bike racing by sitting at your home.

The best part is that mobile racing games mod apk do come with good graphics and functions. So, you will never get bored with it. For the same reason, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best racing games for android in the above portion. It’s especially for you, so go check it out and enjoy your racing experience.